usually black, and rather sassy; they were drinking coffee, and the free men had to wait until they were ready to have their walls

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and which was of an antiquity far anterior to written wines, which they distinguished by their qualities, as clear, austere, sweet, rather than by their provinces or

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this complaint is very violent, there is apparent danger of strangulation. It is cured by bleeding and purging; gargling with emollient and subastringent liquids, and

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approaches his mouth, a spasmodic shudder comes over him, he pushes it back with horror, and the awful fact of his condition is known to him,

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to the ancient Hebrews, Greeks and Romans, this disease began to appear in Northern Europe in the sixth and seventh centuries A. D.,

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Goltz: Arch. f. d. ges. Phy.siol., Bonn, 1903, xciv, 1-64, port. (.J. R. Ewald). Gorgas: Science, N. Y., 1920, n. s., Iii, .53 (M. W. Ireland).

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Argemone mexicana. — The Mexican poppy is reputed to be poisonous to stock both in the United States and in New South Wales. The seeds

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abscesses have occurred, as the result of bruising of the tissues by the manipulative procedures, and subsequent infection.

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are here treated explicitly, definitely, and with ex to say with regard to the treatment of angina, which he calls synanche, or synanchia, or cynanche, or an

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The iliac arteries are supplied by branches extending from the aortic plexus along these arteries, hence the amount of blood in the lower

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Huntingdon tells a young friend to call " at nine or rather before," when there would be " a chance of seeing him. Press the doctor," she adds, " to take a guinea." He

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occasion. One of the early Spanish writers informs us that the women of the pueblo of Santo Domingo, on the Rio Grande, offered bread on

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k trymen, if we were to expatiate longer on a subject which it ia our intention, iu the following pages, to place in its true

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already cited, p. 1")). six tenninnted fatally from primary, anrl three from intermediary, haemorrhage. tolerable health, though a small tumor with an aneurismal thrill, had reappeared.

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c\ea, bik) the chest bocoaes elevated ; the diaphragm. whose brMid and muscular septum divides the thcmix from into the dilutetl vacuum, hereby produced, the external

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and was taken back by the authorities to Greenbush, and it was some time before negotiations could make it plain that he

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behind the canine eminence. C. Mad'ness, hydrophobia, q. v. Cannabene, kan'-ab-en. CigHoo. A volatile oil from Cannabis sativa.

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rance, and other vertues, then to the infatiable de- times did prefer his friends to dignity and places, hearing a poor man complain for want , did fend him

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undoubtedly from the diffusion of its own dead blood. It is evi- dent to any observer that in the fall the apple received a dead-

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