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substances are contained in mitochondria and submicroscopic particulates. The neutral fats, sterols, and sterol esters occur also as discrete globules which,

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The fluid effused in the subarachnoid space is sometiniea regularly, BomdJmcs irregularly spread over the suriaw of the brain ; in tlie latter


des Bilsenkrauts, die Blüthe der Granate, eine Bähung mit der Abkochung von Mohnköpfen, auch die gestossenen Mohnköpfe selbst als Umschlag,

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the Navy, before the course of instruction at the Naval Medical School begins, may upon application be assigned to active duty at some shore station with full

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are found atrophic, hyalinized, with few or no beta cells. If the animal resists the extract or if his hyperglycemia subsides, recuperation of the beta cells

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manner, and break down its bones with a tooth-forceps or a bone-forceps, and if the bones j)roject they ought to be ex- tracted. If, after the head lias been delivered, an impediment

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Ptiblic Health (London) Act, 1891, ss. 3 and 4 — Metropolis Local Management Act, 1855, s. 250 — Drain or Sewer — -Nuisance — Service of

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the blood may spring out, then work a thumbstall for it, and lay old lard above upon the nail, hold it for thirty nights against wet, then take wheaten corn and

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vera. They are of some value in Hodgkin's disease but are nil helpful in acute leukemia and multiple myeloma. Radio- artive isotopes arc useful in the diagnosis or treatment of

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contained in it appears to me to he highly valuahlc, I have not scrupled to follow the example of M. Littre in placing it

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Castor oil is usually considered a harmless drug, but the castor bean, from which it is derived, contains a poisonous acrid principle, three such

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external remedies on account of an excessive accumula insufficient or contrary effects of the remedial ame purated swelhng. The un suppurated or immature stage

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nic dysury is generally occasioned by a metastasis of gout ; sometimes, it is said, of scurvy, or rheumatism ; but we know distinctly of no such effect, except from

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evacuation of 1. from cavity by tapping. Paracentesis. capable of becoming 1. by absorption of moisture. Deli- production of 1. from solid substance. Liquefaction.

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were not prepared to say that it does not exist. When symptoms and signs o£ heart faikire are present, a coexisting hypertension and arteriosclerosis will

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men into the houses. And all the time the surging masses of fallen women were in the street scarcely a stitch of clothing covered

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point, through which a slight discharge was kept up. The patient was discharged from the service on February 3d, 1863. The

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was obscure in 5. The authors remark that craniotabes generally occurs in infants afYected by inherited dystrophic conditions, whose

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is an abundant supply of hair, also in the prepuce, cars and eyelids. The ducta of the gebaeeous glands, u a rule, empty into the hair

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the following channels : by way of the mouth, in the feed or as a drench ; by injecting into the tissues beneath the skin or hypo-

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deranged. To repair this machine signifies an adjustment from the abnormal condition in which the machinist finds it to the condition of the normal engine. Our work would

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mony, was the first to make mention of mounds in this State until 1826, and there is at least one very interesting mention of mounds

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together, except in great size of the sire and diminutive smallness of the dam. As a rule cows of small breed should not be bred to

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