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head; then I went to the Canada Hospital. They said it was concussion." He had seen the monitors firing. He came to in a dug-out about an hour afterward. He was quite

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to effeft, according to the Years, Months, Weeks, Days THe knowledge of the Marks, Moles, &c, of eacli Jf the Figure that rules the hour, be in any of the

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each of acetate of lead and opium was administered to control internal haemorrhage. Sulphate of morphia in solution to allay

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Urhoro appears directly and indirectly in my writing. A recent long poem is titled "Urhoro: Going in Cycles." In it I reflect not only on my personal condition

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matter is carbonized. The charcoal when cold is digested with dilute hydrochloric acid, and finally washed with water in a filter, and di-icd. Dr. Stenhousb recommends

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is not infrequent ; he estimates the frequency at 5 to lo per cent. He also states that occasionally these early symptoms do not subside,

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of Buch a, series I may mention a collection of 17 preparations of injiu'y to the spine, each with the corresponding spinal

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ther the tendinous aperture will so contract as to pro- hibit a future descent or not is matter of uncertainty, signs of stricture, or other violent symptoms, a bandage

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is in the twelfth Houfe; and obferve the fame Rule as before, onely with the change of the Figure of your twelfth Houfe of the Figure or queftion, denotes the

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average weight in relation to height is shown be- r. b. Davii, M.D., Editor, Greensboro, N. C. Within 1 year of operation— Rating for additional Wherever there is a hospital meeting, a subject

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temper, full of grace and good works. Dr. Rutty was an early riser and lived simply ; he was very kind to the poor, and records the prayer : " Lord, make them more

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romaines. Rappelant les études antérieures de Stieda, Sambon, Curatulo, Aschoff trouve encore à glaner de très intéressants détails.

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"sees God in clouds, or hears him in the wind," so his ancestors saw disease not as a quality or condition of the patient, but as

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gendered, among other cvih, a host ofviskonary views aad their friends dcHtroyed, and the strongest Ucs of consanguinity

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Mr. Weiss. Is it accurate that the first request for research pro- posals, specifically to look at this possible carrier state in blood,

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tions and in spite of the use of certain mineral manures, the richness of the soil on the first-mentioned farms, though manured with superphos-

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wholly exempt on Shore, from fome Abufe of Bleeding, which a few raw unthinking Operators are apt to conftder as a meer Mat

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the same direction, afforded by pathological anatomy, is limited, I believe, to a single observation. Mr. Williamson regards the preparation from the case of Paul Massey,

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