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of Buch a, series I may mention a collection of 17 preparations of injiu'y to the spine, each with the corresponding spinal
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ruptured. Symptoms of traumatic peritonitis were more aggravated. Opiates did not control the pain or nausea. Symptoms of internal gangrene supervened, and the case terminated fatally on April 2, 1865. There is no record of an autopsy.
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down the bladder. He forbids the operation when the stone cannot be brought down to the neck of the bladder. When the stone is large he directs it to be broken into pieces before
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comes the common or alimentary salt. In the mines of Wilizca it is sometimes hard enough to be turned in the lathe into toys and vases. The kind naturally pel-
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tution gradually diminished, by advancing age, a seden- tary life, or an unalimentary diet. In internal inflam- mations we cannot see the progress, but it is probably
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conversion of non-luminous into luminous h. Calores- fever produced by excessive h. Thermic fever; Febris unit of h. (equal to 1 calorie divided by 4200). Joule.
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H. Rohlfs: Gesch. d. deutsch. Med., Stuttg., 1875, i, 32-81. White (Charles) : Med. Libr. & Hist. J., Brooklyn, 1907, v, 1-18 (J. G. Adami).
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fatally. One of these (CASE 1880) is detailed on page 930. One case of recovery from tetanus, and four fatal cases are reported. 1 There were fifty-seven instances of serious
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that about one animal in four or five shows no cysts beneath the tongue, and, moreover, fraud is possible in this connection, it being quite possible
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he must use this knowledge diligently and honestly for the benefit of his patients, and (3) he must shape his conduct toward his patrons and toward
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tinuous lesions. Other forms are the hirmorrhagic, purple or black sheeppox, the volante or intermittent kind, etc. Geographical Distribution. Formerly common in Central and
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man language, P. had said fingers instead of toes (inadvert- ently, since the Russian language uses the same term for both). He slept well to November 29 but still felt a slight
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surprenantes, elles finissent presque toujours par arriver à leurs fins; malgré les guêtres, les brodequins, les lacets au bas des pantalons
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ntoBt coses of infcotion by it hat-c not bMn preecded by any vootid AxATiiMieiL ArpEAiijLXCES. — The lenioris induced by infccuon
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dreadful tempest from the north had overtaken us so sudden- ly, that there was not time to haul down the sails, which, in
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8"42 \jq\yQ was Scotland's first printer Ane compendious and breue tractate, in commendation of Androw Myllar. Compylit be Rob-
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Dolens, Coccyodinte, Pelvic Cellulitis, Pelvic Heemaloma, Spurious Pregnancy, Ovarian Dropsy, Ovariotomy, Cranloclaim, Diseases of the Fallopian Tubes, Puerperal Mania, Sub-Involution and
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unit head--say the chief of Surgerywould arrange to interview one or more candidates for the position of surgeon while he was on
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(top), and age of donor pituitary cells in 6 recipients (middle) or 9 recipients (bottom) on weight gain. Statis- tical analysts: top panel: one animal in the 30-day exper-
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that manifested by a recurring tertian or quotidian the inferior part of the meninges and spinal cord are astatic, that occurring late in the course of some other
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at which observations are known to have ever been made, and a map showing the position of gauges now at work. By G. J. Sy-
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injury being described on the field record as a " wound of the thigh and rectum, by ball. He was conveyed on the hospital
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ly with their fallen corollas. Native women and children oolh them and, separating the orange coloured tubes from the wl
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reported as recoveries from shot wounds of the bladder: CASKS 829-833. Private K. S. Davis, Co. I, 10-1 th Ohio, aged 21 years, was wounded near Atlanta, August 6, 1SG4.
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Harold J. Stiles, M.B., F.R.C.S., Edinburgh. John S. McArdle, F.R.C.S.. Dublin. James Rutherford Morison, M.B., F.R.C.S., Newcastle-on-Tyne.