mounted on his charger, ''Wrangler," was an impressive military figure. He was one of the first senators from the new state. With him was

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its field of destruction to the human family. At this time in our investigation we will ask the student to refresh his mind by

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ponch together with the secretion contained in it, are used by the deer incinerated in closed vessels is used in painful affections

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and > vapstrated.) Dose, gr. ss to gr. v, — about teedt : s, una bruised j black hellebore root, Agn~ i thcr through percolation, the solution evaporated,

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mentions quite a coterie of physicians as follows: Drs. Steele, Smith, Willard, Massie, Ten Broeck, Condiuts, Opp, Davis, Thomas, McGee,

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are not confined to the cervical region. In one of the cases a rudi- It passed dowTi into the pelv-is and was intimately bound to the lumbo-

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poral (Illus. Diet.). C. frontalis interna. See Crest, Frontal (l\\v&. Diet.). C. glutseorum, the intertro- chanteric Hnes. See Lines (Illus. Diet.). C. ilii, the

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The diagnosis is very easy, the important point being not to con- fuse common bronchitis with tuberculous bronchitis, which very often

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kidney disease ; (2) That as a result of the renal lesion there probably occurs an increased irritability of the vasoconstrictor apparatus, result-

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was later established, we assume that Dr. R. B. Wight spent with him the several years which, our informant states, elapsed before his return

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viz. (1) the extremities (two arais and two legs), (2) the head and neck, and (3) the trunk. That Charaka looked upon the

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air crews from contaminated planes versus the consequences of letting them climb out with a standard ladder. It concluded that the fork lift was unnecessary. Ibid., 5-6.

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lator, whose only excuse is that of being ignorant of all its consequences. In this respect, we view Dr. Ellen's subject

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and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Seriew, Vol. XXXIV, p. 205. MlI.I.Ea, A System, of Surgery, Kdinlnirfrh. 16(M, p. C28, I'lltlilE, The Principles and

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[DALEY'S CARMINATIVE. A cele-'but not consliluting its active principle, braled empirical carminative for children. See Ljaaeila.

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time shrewdly advised their professional brethren to avoid the operative treatment of difficult or incurable cases, and, when they

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dispensary, maintained largely at his own expense. In 1862, the Chicago Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, as it then became known, was moved to

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and important truths they contain. No more vital subject can possibly engross the mind of a man or that of woman, inasmuch

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or some other good dusting powder, with strips of gauze or cotton between fingers to prevent maceration. The entire hand and wrist should then be padded with cot-

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brachial, or even the femoral, when divided by shot, are sometimes as complc 1 OOYRAND (d Aix), Cliniquc. Chirurgicale, 1870, i>. 2 23, and M,-m. ,it r Aca,l. <le Mf<L, IKti

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seven reasonable ways to move on the problem. And the issue that is raised, of course, is what in God's name are we going to really do

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The Crown Pays Dr. Annesley for IMedical Services During The superintendent of Indian Affairs, in his report of March 24, 1767,

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adapted to the varying susceptibility of different animals, are secured. The protective inoculation is made by preference in

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Vol. XL Being the Proeeedings of the Eleventh Annual Mi eting of the .Vmerican Gynaecological Society, held in L'allimdre, Mary-