cians contradict those of the Danes and the Germans, who are the great advocates for this medicine. It gives its aroma chiefly to spirits, and its astringent matter to

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keinem Kriege die Kriegsverletzungen, Namentlich sind es die Schuss- wunden, die seit der Mitte des 15. Jahrhunderts schon das Augen-

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pains in the bowels. When the intimate taste, and touch, are less observable, connexion which subsists between the As the organs of sense are not frequent-

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leave the field. The ball, which bad fr.actured both tables of the ukuU and sjilit upon the sharj) eilge of tbe outer table for

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To the memory of John Hlnter, and the Medical Insti- To the memory ofX.witii, and the Medical esta- To all the Charitable Institutions in Canada. — Canadian

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to be fed and let go; others were yelling and saying they would burn down the house. Sometimes the patient would hear shots and shells bursting, at which he would shudder

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The isthmus or medulla oblongata is elongated from before to behind and connects the cerebral hemispheres with the spinal

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to be noticed this year is not very abundant, but mention must be causation of death during chloroform anaesthesia. — [J. B.]

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heart and vessels, by which means the cir- principal parts, the neck, thorax, and ab- given by chymists to all substances which, and posteriorly the elbow, called angulus

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Again, references will be found to the superstitious use of " liga tures" down to a comparatively recent period, and " I remember it was

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and G. and J. Blechmann, of Paris, Mouriquand, of Lyons, Kochmann, of Berlin, Colburn, of Lincoln, Nebr., and Graham, of Melbourne. Labbe

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Imm-harmal is a variety with small, black fruits which are used This drug consists of a tapering root with a few undeveloped

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past. . . . Possibly with the advance of knowledge we may find that there will become more clearly discernible than at present some line

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heredity of tomorrow" (Tredgold). The studies of the Jukes family by R. L. Dugdale (1877), the Hill Folk, and the Nams show

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lancées d'une manière phantastique ; par la préparation de sa tlièse le futur docttnir apprend comment il devra continuer à travailler, comment il devra

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translate, "in which the real element appears in its proper 2 This strange phrase apparently means " in name as well as in essence," or rather "as much in essence as they are in

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cited illustrative of the danger of premature interment. The foregoing in- stances have been given as indicative of the general style of narration ; for

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cialmente de Crotalaria sp. e de varias especies de feijoes dos generos Phaseolus e Mucuna. Rio de Janeiro e S. Paulo. A lagarta ataca as sementes armazenadas de arroz e de

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the second decade beyond 6 years, 26 in the third and fourth decades beyond 10 years, 36 in the fifth and sixth decades beyond 15 years, which is withm

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J'ai trouvé à Taidc du spectroscope les deux raies caractéristiques de Toxyhémoglobine dans la zone DE ; en outre, si je n'ai pas constaté lab-

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poser sur un ulcère lépreux, que ces moustiques aient été sucer le sang d'un lépreux, le poisson sera infecté et pourra plus tard infecter l'homme qui le

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Cenilrtni;n'« Pleasure Btlh. See Hot Springs. a-uU County, Virginia. 78" F. Ladio' Sulphur Btth. Sec Hot Sfiiings Bttlh Countj, Virginia. 102° F.

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Treatment. — The medical treatment is only palliative, and similar to that recommended in cystitis and solvent in nephritic colic. The sur-

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assistant-surgeons in the army is inadequate to compensate them for the services required of and performed by them, Resolved that through the

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ensure the further support and protection which the interest That it is the opinion of this meeting, that this desideratum

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