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ther at the tail ; like a hand, and its fingers. It is ap- of the joint of a finger; and a pain, with wasting of the DI'GITUS, (from digero, to direct, as the natural in-
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Cenilrtni;n'« Pleasure Btlh. See Hot Springs. a-uU County, Virginia. 78" F. Ladio' Sulphur Btth. Sec Hot Sfiiings Bttlh Countj, Virginia. 102° F.
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tum Braunschweig- Lüneburg botanisch zu bereisen und eine Flora von diesem Lande zu schreiben. „Die Ergebnisse seiner 3 jährigen Keisen durch alle Teile
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linen should be changed ns often as soiled. We should not neglect to fluoita, for tliey arc often pmjiidiccd, or else fear to injure tlie pntient
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Mettals, Minerals, and ftones, (he i%oi(i<t:h are lour .S'aphiie, white and red Coral, -Vlargafitc, Ala- blafter, i'apisLaxuli, becaufe it expels Melancholly,
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tuition continues to increase, requiring the Loyalty Fund to allocate a greater amount of its total dollars raised each year to finance them. For example, in 1994-95,
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wavy, somewhat regular and rigid, are not jerky, spasmodic, nor tremulous. The movements of the digits are quite different from those attending any other
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stated, that muscular fibres are not reproduced, this ne- cessity no longer appears, and we know not that con- traction is connected with azot. Irritability and sensi-
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This disease is chiefly confined to children. The child scarcely can bear the light, the lids are spasmodically closed, and the head constantly
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ingested food. • Circulation of the blood is necessary to nutrition, ox- genation of the tissues is indispensable, thus the general result, malnutri-
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toms of disease." Symptomatology is defined as, " The doc- trine of symptoms; that part of the science of medicine which
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deficient ; (3) As a routine treatment after a course of mercury ; (4) In habituation to mercury, when the tissues have lost their power
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in heissen Klima ten auf Grund seiner langjährigen Erfahrungen in Calcutta. Im Allgemeinen ist die Morbidität der europäischen Kinder in Indien
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A Belgian soldier fell into mud on the collapse of a roof from which he was observing the enemy. It was an hour before he got his left leg out of the mud, and found it fixed
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abstracts are printed, the summaries of tbe subdivisions being brief, as this, the most important part of the subject, is yet to be considered in the closing observations. The
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corresponds with both. The case is the same with air. wliich is pure and pellucid in chaos, and yet is neither white, are so formed as to have no perfect coloijr by which they may be named. But the things which are produced from them
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denoted an ability of other forms of radiation to create as many ions in air as a roentgen of x rays. It is no longer used, but appears in many of the documents
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The Iroquois had a legitimate complaint against the Algonquins be- cause of their banishment to the "Finger Lakes District" of New York
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the first section of the Museum. Dr. King described it as " entering at the inner third of the clavicle, fracturing this bone, and
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Functions of the down-coursing Dhamanis. - Functions of the lateral cours- ing Dhamanis. — The Situation of the S rotas and the specific Symptoms
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