C(. Miitral, Sifiiooii, Harmattaii , Khamsin, I-'oehn, bark. It is used in tuberculosis, bronchitis, and intes- tinal catarrh. Do.se, 3 or 4 teaspoonfuls ( 15-20 c c. )
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electrical sparks from the neck, will often succeed. A blister on the back part of the neck has sometimes been effectual ; and even the irritation of introducing the pro-
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from the country. This was owing, in the first instance, to imma- turity, and in the second, to the habitual exhaustion of the farm-
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successfully on a patient, of 38, for obstruction due to a ninltilocular mesenteric cyst. Shortly after last child- birth, 4 months previous, had severe pain with vomit-
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In la much smaller number of eases other hysterical affections of respiration, such as tachypnoea, hiccup, and spasms of the
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wliitening of the hair from intense grief or fear, or the production of convulsions in a suckling infant whose mother has been exposed
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Marx and Hieronj-mus. Both Herophilus and Erasistratus made important investigations of the nervous system, showing the rela-
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The practical questions which arose were: (1) What cases require ampu- tation (2) What cases require resection (3) What cases should be treated
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Mostly, they would come from Cairothe University of Alexandria and the American University of Cairo. Some of them were Egyptians; some Palestinians came down; doctors from Beirut came
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possible to slip a filiform through a stricture and in place with adhesive strapping, of to use a reten- tion balloon of the Foley type, until the necessity
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penicillin or any other of the molds have made surgical interference dispensable. Cases are cited in which a delayed drainage was responsible for destruction of the joint even
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I found to pervade the entire work ; but the author Iportant laws and interesting discoveries of physio- logy that relate to, or can elucidate, the subjects
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tenderness of the part upon pressure. There is, however, no heat or swelling, or throbbing of the blood-vessels in pure neuralgia. Complicated
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ing of pH]estradiol to receptors in uterine cytosol or to AFP from amniotic fluid. A series of assay tubes (in duplicate) were prepared containing either 0.3 ml cytosol
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D. C. ; University, Philadelphia, Pa. Address: 45 E. 42nd St., N. RICH, Herbert Matteson; physician; b. Middleville, Mich., 1874;
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the patriarch was troubled with a tertian-ague. It was the fever day, and the patient complained of feeling dizzy, want of appetite, a bitter taste in his mouth ; he looked very ill,
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exfoliated; but expressly mentions in regard to case 0, the only one in which there was any operative interference, that "the sharp points were covered
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wood ; but our powers of increasing temperature are here limited, and we know not at what degree it boils or evaporates. Its texture is fibrous. By the continu-
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8-hr. intervals, further reduced as the condition im- well-being and the appetite quickly returns — well unless specific treatment is startwl early. The tox-
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round form, and large Uke the gravel uterus. It is accompanied with much pain and moves from side to side, and the urine is very
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sanitation. During the European War, the science of medical anthropology, and particularly of ethnic psychology, began to
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A H. SL'TIIi.i-i.ami (I.ii iiis,-,l Proin l. 2a !\iarl<.ts Road, Kt-tisinijton, W A small PRIVATE HOME lor ihc Care & Treatment of a limited number of
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in accord with those of the United States. Medical schools there now are said to be much like those in Germany after Schools represented besides Duke are: Harvard, Yale,
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and will retain the body healthy till death, or even lengthen the pe- The bladders of pigs, buffalos, goats, &C.5 are used for these
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most violent and most frequent." The four changes at the end of the four seasons were only the most important of 10 he TTepl vopLOV whe' to iraihiov OKOTav yevrjraL
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