physiologist of his time. Haller came out of the old bourgeois aristocracy of Bern, Switzerland, and was an infant prodigy,
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(a) Uatfiria medica troatK of the derivation, natural histoir, (b) Therapeutics is that branch of knowledge which treats of
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the body. The mucous surfaces frequently bleed, the feet become swollen and hard and painful, and a disposition is e\nnced to inflam-
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solve in sufficient water to cover the meat — two weeks after take up, drain — throw away the brine— make more the same as first,
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cians contradict those of the Danes and the Germans, who are the great advocates for this medicine. It gives its aroma chiefly to spirits, and its astringent matter to
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(into the seat of the disease), actual cauterization (of the polypii) and surgical operation. A case of recent origin involving the action of theDoshas to a slight degree and
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rather a cold infusion of the berries, to the consistence of treacle) is much used on the Continent as a vehicle for Kermes Mineral. A preparation of antimony, similar to
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to be fed and let go; others were yelling and saying they would burn down the house. Sometimes the patient would hear shots and shells bursting, at which he would shudder
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to be noticed this year is not very abundant, but mention must be causation of death during chloroform anaesthesia. — [J. B.]
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heart and vessels, by which means the cir- principal parts, the neck, thorax, and ab- given by chymists to all substances which, and posteriorly the elbow, called angulus
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Grove, Virginia, November 27th, 18U3, the ball in its exit extensively comminuting the fourth rib. He was conveyed to Branily
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proportion were arduously studied. The city itself was a "very paradise of the great works on perspective and human proportion, except Diirer's, came
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of dried pot-herbs, Vallura, Varaka, Uddalaka, Kara- voluntary suppression of urine, semen, and tears, or of coryza, a forced stoppage of defecation, eructation
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and ward teaching. He stated that the high calling of the medical pro- fession deserved congratulations and could be proud of "the auspicious
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translate, "in which the real element appears in its proper 2 This strange phrase apparently means " in name as well as in essence," or rather "as much in essence as they are in
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cise of body or mind occasioned pain in tlie cicatrix and left temporal re"ion. Any jolting, or stooping, effort in lifting, or any
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days. Such hypertension may be found even in shell cases that have no other sign of cerebral condition. This par- ticular melancholy patient had a relapse and another de-
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J'ai trouvé à Taidc du spectroscope les deux raies caractéristiques de Toxyhémoglobine dans la zone DE ; en outre, si je n'ai pas constaté lab-
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ing feature. The stereotypical movements are reproductions of things done in the battle, and the pseudohallucinations a shell, develops a nystagmiform tremor of eyes and
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family refused an operation until the size of the tumor alarmed them. Its largest circumference was five feet 1 1 inches. The distance from the
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in later years were to render distinguished service to their alma mater. Now was established a public hospital to be under the care of members of
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Treatment. — The medical treatment is only palliative, and similar to that recommended in cystitis and solvent in nephritic colic. The sur-
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satisfactory, and the experience thus gained justified one in supporting the proposal to adopt prophylactic vaccination against
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designed to test the frequencies above 8,000 d.v. and for this reason the fact had not been previously observed that almost every variety of middle- as well
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on auscultating the lungs. The calf finally loses its appetite, becomes emaciated and weak, and wanders off alone. It is
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