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1897 Hodgson, Cortes Rawsthorne, M.B. Lond., Sydney, N.S. W. 1902 Hodgson, Eruest Charles, St. Lukes Hospital, e.c. 1890 Hodgson, Harold, M.B. Lond., Alresford, Hants.
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tracts from his works, and from those of other writers of a later date, and the whole was attributed to Hippocrates, be-
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Early in this century Rayer described a case of elephantiasis in a boy of seventeen who, after several attacks of erysipelas, showed marked diminution
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205. — W. Adams, Disiiuisit. on the Stone and other Dis. of the Kidneys, Bladder, <fcc., 8vo. Loud., 1775.— Petit, Traitft
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strongl)- impressed with a mysterious awe for their It is probable, therefore, that Diancecht, the famous leech of " vehement power," was a Druid of profound
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In' manijiulation. and ]\IcBurney cites six cases where death resulted from the \iolcnt and ])ersistent efforts wliich were resorted to in
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12 December, 1977. (Alfred Gilman. PhD Yale. Co-author. Goodman & Oilman "Physicians Handbook on Pharmacology: Still used in medical schools today")
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the orders of the state and its officers. We might even now punish you as you deserve ; but we will leave you to answer to your gooroo and your God ; while we, deserted
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collata; 7 cibe bes mar sin eireochuid se o gach uile eslainti adburda; 7 cuirid fer in trachtaidh so fersada orro so tri Laidin,
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mix and sip a little into the throat often, swallowing a little al%), it keeps up a discharge of saliva from those parts and iluis re-
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of love that promiits her to a rcvory of desire that her child shall be all that she deems noble and beautiful ; her conjugal relation is not calcu-
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learns. AVere his memory alone aljnormally great and other faculties defective, this would hardly be the case ; but if so, it cannot at present be determined.
where can i get periactin pills — Private Reuben Jforris, Co. K. 142d Pennsylvania V(diniteers, aged 25 years, received a gunsliot wound of the
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the children of the backwoodsmen until he had enough "pay patients" Dr. Jacob Bishop was born in Hardy County, Virginia, in 1812.
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Emetin. (See lllus. Diet.) 2. A resinoid from ipecac water ; it is emetic, diaphoretic, and expectorant. from undue use of ipecac, manifested by acute inflam-
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why the gastric glands may not be stimulated to extra activity or be It is admitted that the predisposing cause of hunger is usually
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And when the M.O. saw it, oh, it looked so sweet and fair, He said, "Suppose we leave it, for it looks so peaceful there! 1
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charged with mustard gas, a weapon which had become almost a decisive factor in the final stages of the struggle. The manufacture and handling of this material were attended with
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p. 33, n. 5 : — Respo. Galenus 9. meth: med: cap: 6. p. 35, n. 4 : — quia scribit Averroes 7. Colliget, quod Aven- p. 37, n. 3 : — frigida: de qua scribit Gal: 9. meth: med:
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HEKTOEN, Ludwig; physician; b. Wisconsin, 1863; s. Retter & Hektoen and Olave Hektoen; ed. com. schs. of Wis.; grad. A.B.,
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excellent majesty, ns well as myself, aeknowlcilgcd that the heart was without tin sense of touch ; for tlie youth never knew when we touclied his
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Avg. weight increment (g) after the following days of '' Significantly different (P<0.0\) from group I value. TABLE V. Organ Weights of Rats Fed Highly Purified Diets Containing Either Casein or
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she had been for a length of time, tient's system was much impaired of July with erysipelatous inflam- 9. A medical patient, who was
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and honey, ghee, flesh, wine, milk, and articles of food are to be presented, for performing i\\t inijd with. Some graJia are satisfied
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supposed to under the regulations. And if we were to hear that someone wasn't carrying out steps they had promised to take, we
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Flanagan, Goldstein, Gottfried, Grannis , Harer.berg, Hevesi! Hil Nadler, Newburger, Orazio, Passannante , PiUictere, Robles, Sanders!
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mal in the pulmonary area, not retaining, variable, in short, suggestive of an inorganic murmur. There was also a generalized rapid tremor and a variety of vasomotor dis-
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of pe woimde, and was made more moueable and more ; pe which ysene, I putte pe poynt of a knyfe vnder pe side He removed
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von der folgender Satz als Beispiel dienen soir(p. 19) „Von der prophy- „laktischen Behandlung des Kindbettfiebers mittelst Chlorkalk brauche ich