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die Geburt, „im Gesichtskreise der Alten und der Araber bewegen." „Die Geburt des Kindes erfolgt durch dessen eigene Initiative" hätte bosser

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permit, also the alms-house and hospital, and I think deriving much useful instruction, but not forgetting the main object of

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would be made to render it so ; but if either one is actuated by a spirit in opposition to mutual confidence, mutual welfare, and mutual enjoy-

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den Lesern an diesen Auszuge genügen. Später hoffe ich auf den realen Inhalt zurückkommen zu können, zu dem ich wesentliche Zusätze glaube

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G e\atinif orm, jel-at-ii'-if-orm. Resembling gelatin. Gelatinize, jel'-at-in-lz. To convert into gelatin. Gelatinosa, jel-at-in-o'-sah. See Substantia gelatinosa.

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times put into negus, forming what is called a cold which is thus made : Cut a pound of the leanest part of a buttock of beef into thin slices, add to it two pints

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Crile, G. W. The Fallacy of the German State Philosophy. Doubleday, Crinon, J. Les eclopes psychiques. (Med. legale.) Caducee, Par., 1916, v. 16,

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process, Valluraka should be resorted to in cases where short, circular and equal in size. The process, known the anterior surface of one of these severed appendages

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Berjeau. xlii,377 P- •!• 34 pl- 4 facsim. sq.Q. London: J.Lilly 37974 Annales typographic! ab artis inventae origine ad annum MD post

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greatly assists the solubility of the mercurial salt, is aromaticae of Messue. Joined with the hellebore they have been called pil. aleophang. capitales et stomachics.

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In this work not only is the student made acquainted with carefully pre- pared ophthalmoscopic drawings done into well-executed lithogiaphs of the

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W. Voorhees and Joseph E. jMoDonald, then Attorney General of Indi- ana, to render what aid he could to his unfortunate relative. On Octo-

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guère d'atteindre ce but, surtout si la quantité de sérum injectée n'est pas très considérable. Il arrive en effet que l'organisme n'étant pas

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8th. Ql as y Dignity of Gt. Bn. must be preserved ; Whether if No: 2. II. 12. 13. 14 could be obtained, it may not be prudent for the Colonies to consent to raise annually

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the son of a music director at Weimar, was brought up in an atmosphere of culture and was one of the tikis t h-.iin.d physicians of his time. His earlier

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Of the scarcity of leeches in Broussais' time, Baas records that "in the year 1833 alone 41,500,000 leeches were imported into France,

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suppuration in the organ attended with fever are the previous vaginal diseases arc also marked by the specific All Atyauandai yoni knows no satisfaction in matters

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Tal)le W. Kesults of four thousand three hundred and fifty Cases of gunshot injuries of the Cranium 307 Table YII. Nature and Kesults of twelve thousand nine liundred and eighty injuries of the Head 308

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vue, paraissaient n'avoir rien a faire dans un tel ouvrage ; pourtant j'ai cru bien faire, vu le grand nombre de fois qu'on les rencontre dans les livres de medecine, de conserver

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been made available to the public through an AIDS Fact Sheet and through the national hotline, but most effective have been

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broadly the former position of Judge Hovey, saying: "It is evidently the intention of the framers of the Constitution to place the common

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mix and sip a little into the throat often, swallowing a little al%), it keeps up a discharge of saliva from those parts and iluis re-

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