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Juan, were successful in their attempt to throw off the Spanish yoke. He made them believe that he was in league with the spirits, and "that

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tion takes place analogous to those observed in fractures of the olecranon or patella. By position, something may be effected favoring ligamentous union. In fractures of the

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~tiar traMpsicnt mucoiu found ther«. The cxItndHcal. utcritip or utricular glands are closely situated and are often twisted in u spiral

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thick, are found on people who are exact and love detail and are quick to notice little things. Short fingers belong to people who are

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tolctlv dXXoiai toIctlv ovTO)<i el6 ia pevoicri Siai- iXacrcra), KaX Kara p,epo$' horeov Se Tt ical rfj oipy, 5 All our good MSS. have to7<tlv or roi<rt. Littre with

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Psalm 134. — This very short Psalm, consisting of oply three yerses, should be repeated by every learned man, and especially by

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one in surgery in Illinois, because of the formation that year of the Ameri- can Surgical Association which was destined soon to dominate the field

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have been accustomed. These give us varying phases of sep- ticaemia which however come together in one great class. Two of these types which have been placed on record may be here

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twenty-five years old. In implementing the order, agencies should target collections that can be relatively quickly reviewed and made available to the

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Pharmaceutic Chemistry and Materia Medica, and also (for the present) the Theory and Practice of Physic — Dr. Hornby. The following reply to the letter written by the Secretary of

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Hosford, Artliur HoUoway, 121, The Grove, Stratford, e. Hoskeu, James Gerald Fayrer, 12a, Chnrterhoitse-square. E.C. lloskin, Theopbilus, 1, Amhnrst-jyark, Hackney, n.e.

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stated, that muscular fibres are not reproduced, this ne- cessity no longer appears, and we know not that con- traction is connected with azot. Irritability and sensi-

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even more pronounced after confinement, and is aggravated by suprarenal insufficiency which may occur in pregnancy. Sergent is in favour of

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And lastly, the Office of Maternal and Child Health (OMCH), which has responsibility for the federal hemophilia treatment center program, has been supportive of all of our efforts concerning AIDS. OMCH was

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wbicfa occasionally aocompatiy, prcKxIe, or follow sinall-pox epidemics, distinct spots, wbicb, nftcr u few hours, urc cliangcd to limpid vesicles

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the success of the physician is due to the trained nurse. The trained nurse has come to stay. If anyone wishes to pursue this sub-

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Once these multiple minute rupture openings have been made, the likeli- hood is that air will continue to leak into the pulmonic interstitium. The

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should have become much rarer than in Sydenham's time, but that 1) See Graves Clinical Lectures for a remarkable case of this kind.

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Puer'peralism. The diseases peculiar to the puerperium. Pulex, pu'-leks. A genus of insects including fleas. PuMula.tion, pul-u-la' -shun. A bud-like growth; a condyloma.

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from that which occurred in the 3 papillary adenomatous tumors. In the first case it occurred in hemorrhages, and the urine was otherwise clean. In the papillary

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and currier. Later he tried his hand at shoemaking and in his first years as a resident of Illinois he taught school at Beardstown and

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nerves. The proximf.l extremities of the divided trunks were somewhat bulbous. At the seat of the operation the wound, whicli

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of a more aggravated nature when they aff'ect difl'erent parts of the body and are inveterate. The alphi, he says, are generally

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of which he had charge being the only one in the battery which did not fall into the hands of the enemy. He also participated in the engagements at

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larger doses to patients with short life expectancies, but its language was more oblique than Aebersold's letter: "It is recognized that there may be instances in

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