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themselves) to a majority of those who have just been added to " There are other medical gentlemen in town whose claims to the appointment in question are also admitted to be very
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wards.) marking with his left hand the spot where the inci- sion should begin and end. It is to begin on a level wrth the
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IXC A'XUS, (from in, and canus, -white, hoary). The TIOX ; the reduction of any dry substance to the con- STRAIXER or SIEVE. In anatomy it means the pelvis of
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yearly. Daring this leave, if their work, la of tqiA a chaeacter tiiat it can rolls at a rate of pay not in excess of the establisbed' pay of tha rating , (M. 4
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-, Co. A, 3:!d Ohio Volunteers, received a penetrating gun.shot wound of the cliest at emerged at the lower angle of the scapida. He was taken prisoner and remained in the hands of the enemy until September
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first went, but they changed it later to the annual vacation. When I married Bob I didn t get a certain amount of money that
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cerebral svphilis and general paralysis. Three cases of cerebrospinal syphilis gave a strong reaction, manifested by a dark red nodule the
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therapies to cure specific pathological conditions, and it diverted attention from the social and economic causes of disease. When
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Mais il est bien évident que toutes ces constatations morphologiques ne sauraient suffire pour déterminer une conviction ferme au sujet des rapports
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respiratiou and deglutition, arc seriously cntbamisscd by this rc3Ucs5- new of tiie nitisck'i'. The xrlktiliilbn ie-L'cmeg iiulistinct, as the inten-
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days, whose "sacred toiach" will cure the prevalent scrofula. In olden times persons believed that if the scrofulous patient could get into the
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also according to the second letter, then the third, etc. , until after hundreds of years complete be called a dictionarium, that is a repertory of dictiones or sayings, was that of Sir Thomas Elyot
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tress. Other patients will need something more than problem is one that rightly challenges the ingenuity (T. B. .Mallory et al., in New Eng. Jl. of Med., Feb. 1st, 1951)
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mis le microscope et l'analyse chimique au service de l'observation dos malades. Avec Rokitansky, de Vienne, l'anatomie pathologique devint une
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distribution, according to ancient custom, of ' Biddenden ]\Iaids' cakes,' with bread and cheese, the cost of which is defrayed from the proceeds of some
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strength and color returned rapidly, and she was apparently well. The patient's family history is negative. She had had one
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physiologist of his time. Haller came out of the old bourgeois aristocracy of Bern, Switzerland, and was an infant prodigy,
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a very red oil, like the colour of a ruby, and will flow into the receiver, drop by arcanum of the philosophers in Antimony, which they account most highly among
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did not recur; but the patient succumbed on the thirteenth day, after a series of chills and by Dr. J. S. Davis, of the University of Virginia, the temperature was observed, and
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time for David Allen, MD, as he moved to Chapel Hill to Psychiatry - the first in a line of many to experience the Northwestern University in 1945. He received his med-
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practice. He, however, records a case of infantile scurvy in an infant experience in the use of Whole Citrated Milk, lirst suggested by Sir
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Practice of Medicine in Transylvania University, and Guy; W. Wright M. D. Published Monthly, Cincinnati, Ohio. The PhiludelpJuu Monthly Journal of Medicine and Sur-
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mention de quelque chose touchant la médecine. Il y avait là un certain que ses connaissances le lui permettaient, jusqu'à ce que l'un d'eux dit:
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stances it is more subject to colds and its constitution breaks up more rapidly under disease. Its lambs are more liable to die from
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experiment and not the subject's medical history. The complete records of an experiment may include the medical records, but they will be handled separately from the scientific
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within the applicable presumptive period, which in most cases, is one year following separation from service. For veterans exposed to