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Hyperopia, hi-per-o' '-pe-ah. Far-sightedness. An abnormal refrac- tion of the eye due to a too short anteroposterior diameter, the
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2. Melt together equal weights of soft soap and common of potasium j oz., hot water i oz. ; dissolve, and mix common pitch 4 oz., wax 2 oz., tar 6 oz. ; apply hot, and
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The exposition of the cabalists has, under the name of the Phcenix, that of the phcenix to its nest, in which is nourished the element of fire. Its
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Dr. Cheyne conceives, to understarul how benedi results from opium. Hih plan is to adinlBister purgHtives in ibe Pmmms. elyateiv, in the more severe ones};. Fumcntatioue to the
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There seems to have been used in Japan in very ancient days a pow- der identical with the lioddentin, and, like it, credited with the power
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should treat only mild cases, and should discharge without delay severe cases which are not improved by one or two months' treatment. As a
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ance of the leucocytes to the necrosing power of the bacillus, and bringing into play their bacteriolytic ferments ; (2) Encouraging the
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which run along under the surface of the Schneiderian membrane, and are spread'out upon the superior and middle turbinate bones, and on the sides
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reopened on December 25th, discharging freely. On July 18tli, 1865, he was transferred to Harper Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, and discharged from service on October 2d, 1865. He is not a pensioner.
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1887 Vincent, Herbert Edmund, M.D. Lond., 5, Wellesley-villas, Croydon. 1892 Vincent, Thomas Swale, M.B. Lond., University College, Cardiff.
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1895 Home, Alfred Lucette, M.B. Ijond., 6, Chnrch-st., Saffron Walden. 1901 Home, Frederick Christian Henry, Tarrington, Hereford.
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OS tanques, a estufa, o abrigo para orchideas, etc. No mais pode haver variabilidade, nas culturas, dependendo de cscolha pessoal ou de raaiores
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then say three times : Through the worci of Almighty God. 9ut then also th6 following passages from the holy scriptures, Genesis, ohap. i.
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tion that it were better not to extirpate the whole nation, but to leave some to till the ground, as the Charles ; they now leagued with France for the sake
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William Sydney Thayer ( 18G4- ), of Milton, Massachusetts, professor of clinical medicine at the Johns Hopkins University,
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in organizing their assessments of the research documents (grant proposal, IRB application, RDRC application) and the consent form(s).
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none of the children surviving. The patient's mother had on two occasions given birth to twins. The woman herself had been married for six years and
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Hypertrophy of these tonsils constitutes adenoid growths of the throat. They are found most frequently in the upper part, hence the disturb-
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genesis is feeble. Spinal grafts in young children, and was employed, — as in the neck of femur (dense into spongy bone). From the a:-ray in a few cases bone ap-
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paralleled or excelled. He will thus be aided in determining the truth of his statements and the accuracy of his diagnoses. Moreover, to know ex-
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spent a final night there, listening to their old favorites. Some of the lads may recall the trip three of our men made to
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Re disorders of gait, Laignel-Lavastine and Courbon divide called dynamogenic; (6) an inhibitory group; and (c) a Roussy and Lhermitte have attempted to divide the gait
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from the country. This was owing, in the first instance, to imma- turity, and in the second, to the habitual exhaustion of the farm-
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and Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Plummer the theory of phyJic and cheiniftry. The inftitution of an infirmary gave ri'e to the clinical letlures, and fince that time
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fine, tie it loosely in a muslin bag; place this in a pint of thin barley-water, with a quarter of an ounce of isinglass or gelatine
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