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quent in the lumbar, and are called kyphoses. An anterior curve is called a lordosis, and scoliosis is the name given to a lateral curvature.

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lowed hy absorption. The site of tho disease then becomes depressed, have been scrofulous, and who previously bad 6ccmcd quite sound in

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many, very many, have been mispronounced by medical society orators and college professors who have persisted in propagating their orthoepical blunders through the medical

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Hindus. It enters into the composition of numerous formuljE for ehell-lime, soaked in the juice of plantain tree, and of orpiment,

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plasia of the neuroglia. Babes, who looks on these changes as pathognomonic, takes a small portion of spinal cord, hardens it in

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acter. To the unthinking it may seem that this subject is outside our province, and that health and character are in different cate-

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wrought, will sink the reader in erudition but not "float him upon a deeper tide," the shifting tide of modern thought and

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cot and his pupils at the Salpetricro ami by (he two leaders of the Nancy kofer (1818-1901), of Liehtereheim, Bavaria, a pupil of Licbig and

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is now out of print and almost forgotten. Though a neglect- ed gem, it will, in its new garb attract sufficient public attention and patronage. Almost all the wood-engravings

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passed laterally and a little <lownwaid, and emerged one inch to the left of the occipital protuberance. On October 2'Jlli, he

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cordingly. It floats at 38° or 3Si° in pure oil of na'lis, {t\e<pas, 'a stag,' and hvktis, 'a fungus.') tractiliti de Tissu, Contractilite par defaut d'ex-

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tracts or tinctures of squill due to the contained glucosid, scillitoxin. It is marked by vomiting, retarded pulse, Scillitic (si!-if-ik). Pertaining to or containing squills.

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to what extent it will purify or improve its virtues, shall discourse (on the specific virtues) of fruits, Amra, Amrataka, Karamarda, Piyala, Lakucha, Bhavya,

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percentage of the nitrogenous constituents of the urine. Investigation of the tryptic and amylolytic ferments does not yield trustworthy

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"Hie above with .attention to diet, using milk, roasted apples ■ivA if not dyspe|)tic, uncooked apples, pears, peaciies, tfcc., at

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constipation of the bowels, or in dysentery and biliousness. It can be made into a tea, using an ounce of bark to a quart of water. Dose, a

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5) l B. Mos. Cap. 35, 20 und I B. Mos. Cap. 50, 13. Innerhalb 7 Tage nach dem Tode musste nach Moses' Bestimmung der Leichnam bestattet sein, der eines Hingerichteten aber schon am

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centres rush hour traffic moved slowly (at less than 25 miles per hour) thus contributing to air pollution (table 7 and Obudho,

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Andrew, Georg'e, M.D. Durh., 5, Montpelier-crescent, Brighton. Andrews, Archibald George, Moss-lane East, Manchester. Augear, Frederick Charles, Hatch Beauchamp, Taunton.

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specimen is No. 3524, Section I, A. M. M., and consists of the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth <lorsal vertebra;. The