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Cameron, A llanGordon Russell. M.B. Durh. ,6,Crown Office-row. E.C. Cameron. Ewan Gordon, 64, Great Portland-street, w. Cameron, John, M.B. Edinb., University St. Andrew's; X.B.

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will not admit of a fair examination; and, indeed, the reasoning of Mr. Hunter on almost every point of phy- siology is so vague and inconclusive, as to leave some

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oesophagoscope of 30-50 mgm. element for 8-12 hours. Should symptoms of inflammation follow, prompt gastrostomy should be performed. Mammary

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Dr. Rolph engaged in the practice of both law and medicine, and soon became a great favourite among all classes. He was the legal adviser and familiar friend of Col. Talbot, and

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" to the Children of the Friends of Onas" 1791, and reply ; and Letter of Friends to " Brothers of the Cherokee Nation" 1792, with the endorsement of the

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tht wire ID my haml along the edges of the laii iroogVi, from the 2J0ih to (he 927th pair of plates; thua 6fty fhocktt each

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methodological concerns of this conference. And as a contribution to economic history, it seems remarkably explanatory of the

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3rd ed. Cr. 8vo, 4 Plates, 280 Illus. H. Kimpton - - Net los. 6d. Eye : Diseases of. By M. Stephen Mayou. " Oxford Medical Publica-

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a perfect model of what such writing should be. In 1841 Drake published one of the first accounts in literature on the local disorder

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flow, cooling and astringent injections are called for, both as an act of cleanliness, as also of cure. In cases where the womb has

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for documents. The Advisory Committee's experience indicates that shortcomings in government response to Freedom of Information Act requests,

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charge of all ceremonial feasts and dances such as the nubile dance, which occurs when any maiden attains marriageable age, and war

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cated by the passage of blood from the bladder and bowels. The nature of the mischief in this case is not easily detected,

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— «. Indiona, lee MeaiitKnnam ooccdIob— a. Pal- (run buteioo'iHrn, Troek'lia lubgrimik'i: —aat COCCUM, Cnidia ffrana, Kennea — 0. Baphi- ooohlea. One of thaas aealB tormiDatee at the

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history of our profession. Everyone now receives an adequate notice of his life and works in the medical journals but until 1880 — 40 even

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general remedy, , . . No person ever yet died of fever, for as death approaches the patient grows cold, until tleath, the

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formed solely in the interests of the child, this result is to him not very encouraging. He is convinced that these operations should not

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First of all was the change to civilian clothing. A grateful government allowed each man sixty dollars for outfitting him

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of the disc and body of the vertebra is always present in pathological A kyphosis produces disease by interfering with the function of

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Uid the toiudon of ttic bliHlciv, which sitll n.-rRain, diminishes, port of pntieuts often suOVv more uflcr tlic timiL-fauUoD of llio taoa baa sub-

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Splanchnic, tho-.e developed within the visceral tis- B., Spongy, Inferior, the inferior turbinate bone. B., situated above and anterior to the auditory capsule

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Handschin: I don t think we introduced any marvelous new medications or Handschin: It was better information on feeding, on earlier seeking of