apparently due to eating of canned string-beans, with report of a fatal case. Wyant, Zae it., and Normiwgton, Ruth. The influence of various chemi-

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Persona [ pur-so' -nah) [L. ]. A person ; a single in- Personality [pur-son-al'-it-e) [persona, a person]. That which characterizes a per.son. P., Alternation

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amputations necessitating ligation of the common femo- ral in many instances. In spite of the constant irriga- tion with solutions, the adherence of the gauze to the

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stain with Congo red. A triple stain can be obtained by treating the sections for a few seconds with a weak with an aqueous solution of thionin, and differentiating

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wound is still open and discharging purulent matter, proving that the bone is still exposed." This pensioner died May 9, 1874. Dr. J. II. Claibourne, of Petersburg, states that: "His death was caused

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mud which accumulated in the streets during rainy weather. Of course I do not mean that Anopheles larvae would have been found in the

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inflamed, the most common and salutary aliments may occasion this impression from the increased sensibility of the organ : thus it seems sometimes to arise from

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romaines. Rappelant les études antérieures de Stieda, Sambon, Curatulo, Aschoff trouve encore à glaner de très intéressants détails.

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conoidal ball, which entered the right side one inch above the crest of the ilium, jiussed inward and lodged. He was taken to

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was one of the constituents of an obturator hernia. Sometimes its appendages are found with it, Doring, Ledesma, Rektorzick, and Scazoni have found

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assumes a bent posture, the ribs are soft and the development of the lungs seems to be interfered with. Sometimes it attacks only one side

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number and variety of convenience and other shops permitted in residential areas. Although certain office functions are now sometimes permitted within homes or entire houses e.g.

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But if we carefully regard what they have performed during a given year we shall sec that it has been mere triflijig, 194 The Hermetk and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus.

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and an object of derision to others. In an article published in 1891, he empha- sized the proof that had been advanced to support his statement in 1869 that

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The stethoscope first described by Laennec in 1819 still is used by many European physicians. It consisted of a hollow wooden tube for mediate auscul-

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medical care resulting from their participation. 51 The panel also recommended that Congress establish "a permanent body with the authority to regulate at least

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tombstone," he said, repeating a personal mantra that appears on every page of his Web site, www.docholly- duties that they think they don't have time for other

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\'1I1, p. 247), maÎ9 tjue le mot n'exprime qu'un sympliime (la léthargie p.e.). M. de t'astro appuie notre opinion que le mot Modorra valait bien raucicn

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an hour to eat and change horses. It is the duty of the officials at the Dak bungalows to see that the courier makes no delay, and even if dying he

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one thing, how it accomplishes it, and for what purpose, is a truth sought for in philosophy. The spinal cord is the present

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was struck by a minie ball in the right hip, the missile passing through the pelvic cavity, injuring the urethr.i, and producing

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how would it cause pneumonia Because this is an intestinal parasite. The answer is clear. The infection starts with ingestion of eggs from the adult worm under conditions of poor

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carbuncle, and wherever it is placed it can be found at night without a light. The same result follows with a jacinth ; and in the sapphire the coerulean

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beard, a style of adornment typical of his time. It is said he was kind and sympathetic and enjoyed the confidence of all. Every good work

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several items, taken sing-ly, do not follow one another in the Atharvic column IV in exactly the same order as in the Charakiyan

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attendants, whether there exists a Board of Control. If so, of wliom composed ; whether a periodical statement of patients

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