orable prognosis: at all events, no new seizures appeared under prolonged medical observation. These reactive seiz- ures may occur in cases with a labile vasomotor system.
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von Geschmack und Geruch, die auch in deutschen Volkskreisen leicht verwechselt werden, im an. thefr = odor, sapor nicht gegeben; dazu adaen,
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wards is made over the inner side of the metatarsophalangeal joint ; the flap, which is of skin only, is raised, the bursa being left. A
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The increase in the secretion of urine noticeable in horses in the late fall and winter is caused by the cool weather and the decrease
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facets face almost directly back while the inferior, instead of looking for- ward, are turned outward to articulate with the superior facets of the
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In bacterial endocarditis a half-million to one million units of penicillin daily for four weeks will bring about a cure in most cases. Dosages as high as 10 miUion units a
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peds, usually manifested by a catarrhal inflammation of the upper air passages, and phlegmon of the adjacent lymph glands, or less
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■nyurepov . . . ofid' vffrtpov Littre, following a later correction (pvcret rrpbrepa (paiverai r<ov iXaaaovcov, ovhev
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is not infrequent ; he estimates the frequency at 5 to lo per cent. He also states that occasionally these early symptoms do not subside,
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economy. And should unprofessional people be possessed of proper knowledge of the anatomical features and physiological functions of the
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to declare my conviction, that it more can be effected by a skilful might be made extremely useful combination of various remedial
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pulvi nar, na'ris (n) {{x . piilvimis , an elevation) a pillow. stercus, oris (n) (cf. tergco, to wipe off, cogn. with Eng-
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hip-joint, while the others insisted it should be done below the trochan- tor. Dr. Brainard, whose case it was, assisted by Dr. Goodhue, followed
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exchanging, or mortgaging, any part of their goods, lands, or slaves, under any pretext, witliout express permission from the officer commanding at
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applied to the junctures, and secured by means of slips of linen : these slips must be covered with the lute made of quenched lime and white of egg. Chaptel's Elements
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pose for reason of the child's age, four and a half years. The cortex of the brain was almost smooth. The convolutions and
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chamber-pot and drank its contents at once. jNIackenzie also mentions an pailfuls of water. At the age of twenty-two she married a cobbler, unaware
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2287. To prevent breakage, airoid repeatedly opening the metal ellpa dlipir 2289. The health record of ah insane patient accompanies the patient and is
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mediate measures be taken to carry Into effect a plan for the above object, provided the same shall be without expense to the college treasury.
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mem. of the Dermatol. Soc. of G. Brit, and Ireland ; ex-clinical asst. at St. John's Hosp. for Dis. of the Skin, and at the Hosp. for Dis.
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Vavilov, Institute of Plant Industry, Leningrad, U.S.S.R. Fraiyonah (Iraq); Lala (Afg.); Govarikh, Wodak (Bal.); bulbs. The bulbs of this tulip of Iran, Baluchistan, and Afghanistan
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split upon the bone. Two small fragments of the ball, supposed to have; been extracted at the time of the excision, were con
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bowels having protruded from his body, and could not be replaced. While I was inquiring what was the subject of their conversation, the faqueer related to me the particulars,
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helping on the grand catastrophe ; for it is a law oi our being, that where nerve structure is not itself nourished, it, too, will fail in its
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flavor of the drug still continue to be a source of complaint, the difficulty can be obviated by giving the oil in gelatin capsules.
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tenniiuilioii. 'Hie tiicat iniporiant lules to follow, in vacciuntiiig, uiv: 1. To take the lyinpli from n bcaltliyiJiild, who has not previously
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inhibitors and showing their clinical efficacy in model systems. Harrv Brodie took a different path, leaving It was eagerness to initiate clinical trials ol aromatase
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chasthenia, and under the psychopathoses, pathological lying, Bolshevism, delinquencies of various sorts, homosexuality, suicide
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the stomach. His experiments are recorded in Spalan- zani's work ; but, that we may not be suspected of dis- torting them to favour our own ideas, we shall tran-
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with moderate stiffness of the elbow. UAVATON remarks that the regeneration of the integuments of the elbow is very slow, the aponeurosis and ligaments
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423 Körperfülle, f. corpulence. 457 Leoensgenusz, m. 1. enjoy- or structure of the body. 458 Lebenshauch, m. 1. breath
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