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Une convulsionnaire apres avoir subi I'epreuve du feu, son corps n'etant soutenu au dessus du feu que par la tele et les
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iv, 62 p. illus., I pi. 32x244«'". (International numismata orientalia.) [4], 187 p. incl. illus., tables, i fold. pi. 224™.
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ed unless surgical relief of the obstruction through plated. Instrumentation ma\' precipitate the neces- prophylactic value of pertussis vaccine in children.
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with the following description of the injury and operation: "Gunshot wound of left elbow, shattering internal condyle and
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several instances recorded of indirect |X)isoning of a water-supply from Outbreak at Salford Jail. — In the Salford, England, jail there was
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All questions of social and moral reform find lodgement first with enlightened souls who stamp them with their approval. In God's
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there were rigors, followed by acute pain in the side of the chest. Coma supervened, and death followed on October loth. 18(i4.
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laufer und Fahrtgenossen Alexander v. Humboldts. Gedenkschrift 86779 Biology and its makers, with portraits and other illustrations, by-
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Fahrica Itself, published in June, 1543, a superb example of the beautiful typography of his friend Ojiorinus (Herbst) of Basel, sumptuously illustrated
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at io6°-lo7° C. and boils at 360° C. Syn., Anchoic acid; Lepargylic acid ; Azelic acid ; Azeloinic acid. (Illus. Diet. ). A., Benic. See A., Behenic, Table of
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passing into the cellular membrane, generally from rup- ture of the vessels, though sometimes from debility and SA, (from ejaculo, to cast out). The vessels which con-
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One class of the Peruvian priests, the Huachus, made auguries from Balboa tells us 5 that the Peruvian priesthood was divided into classes,
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By common watering and feeding troughs, by attendants, by licking one another, by flies, and by an Intermediate host (Texaa-
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the two sides reciprocally, and not identically. Dorsal flexion of the head produces in the rabbit increased extensor tonus in all four limbs, so that
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igiiuirv ailments, is uf I lie lv|to port rave, i bv Butler in The Medicine Taker. The first act discloses Argun grumbling over his apothecary's
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and an idea of the degree of sacculation obtained. A normal (vso- phagus will not admit more than 40 to 60 c.c. of Huid. Katliography
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oi Amalaka, 2. person suffering from uninary complaints Karkataka should also be prescribed to be taken with butter as the compound is possessed of excellent diuretic
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upper jaw, and hard palate on the corresponding side. The back of the tongue and the soft palate escape, these being supplied by the
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