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m denken. Von Wert sind also unz.weifelhaft medicinische Belegstücke wie in vorbegendem Falle. Diese Vase (Fig. i) gehört zw der Sammhing

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papers and several books on medical matters. Address: 20 Upper FERGUSON, John; physician; b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1854; s. Adam

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About three days later the offenders appeared before their irate colonel. The privates were let off with admonishments. The non-

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ess of thirty, who was admitted to the Asylum for Insane Criminals at Au- burn, N. Y., in October, 1872, and readmitted in June, 1875, suifering from

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injected into this organ ; and has been discharcred in great Tlie rectified oil of turpentine is that in common eiiiploy-

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paralleled or excelled. He will thus be aided in determining the truth of his statements and the accuracy of his diagnoses. Moreover, to know ex-

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Les humeurs sont au nombre de trois que nous décrirons plus loin. La conjonctive est un corps cartilagineux, (On confondais la conjonctive

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tary siu'geon of his time, also served in the Napoleonic wars. In his will, Napoleon left 100,000 francs to "Larrey, the most virtu-

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The kidneys are in relation with the twelfth rib,hence have little to do with the contour of the chest, although in enlargements

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1 70 The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus, I Here it is only necessary to write down that which we have not mentioned

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226. Shell explosion: German soldier's account of Shell-shock symptoms 227. A British soldier's account of shell-shock Batten, 1916. . .315

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foramen, that is the nerves above the corresponding vertebra as we The nerves in relation with the seventh are the posterior thoracic,

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altruism for which it is famous, and for a willingness to help. the State without self-seeking, and was never subjected to any

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sort of sand from which lead and other metals are ob- ter as is convertible by the actions of the body into an alkalescent gluten, of which all our solids and fluids are

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bury the pot in a heap of paddy for three days. The properties of these preparations are similar, they being regarded as cooling,

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sont plus à l'ordre du jour; que les limites de la sphère visuelle corticale se sont élargies; que de la face externe du lobe occipital, et du lobe

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a j)ubliée, à Paris, chez Pierre Haultin en 1549; Daremberg l'a cité sous la lettre P. dans dans ses Analecta medica [Lipsiœ 1833 cf. p. 2] enfin, Wellmann en a parlé dans son

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used in the same sense, as are also Afioclasmd, and the moveable parts into which they are inserted ; of retrahens auriculam, bicaudalis muscularis, intricatua

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new arrangement is materially to shorten both the longi- tudinal and the transverse dimensions of the lower ab- domen. In obese or pouching bellies the change is pro-

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work, and was accounted an excellerit physician. During the prevalence of cholera in IH.'H, he rendered important service.

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1" Wolcott: Med. and Surg. Reporter, Phila., 1861-62, vii, 126. 12 Sims: Richmond and Louisville Med. .Tour., 1878, xxvi, 1-21.

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patient looked pale. Anodynes and stimulants wci-e administered. On the next day liaMnorrhage again occurred, which yielded

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apparently due to eating of canned string-beans, with report of a fatal case. Wyant, Zae it., and Normiwgton, Ruth. The influence of various chemi-

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Oxford; Univ. Coll., London; m. Mary Baines, Leeds, 1875; F.R.S. ; cons. phys. Univ. Coll. Hosp. ; phys. Nat. Hosp. for Para-