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finally obscured altogether. Sometimes the progress of the disease is slow and gradual, but frequently it is rapid, especially

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Berkeley, 15 March 1948 ("Comparative Deposition of Zr-95 in a Reticulo-Endothelial Tumor to Normal Tissues in a Human Patient") (ACHRE No. DOE- 101 194-B-4), 4.

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dered to be possessed of sedative powers, from its nar- cotic and inebriating qualities; and has been said, without any previous evacuation by emetics, and pur-

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HET'EHOPCS, m>m 'trift, ud nm, Toot.' Ar'abum, jSsjp'iia ■■twla'to, ifaiau noKia'ta, cplthd giTinUthspulH, when It 1i tucb, la uij lod the Indjei. Tb« igedi in chitfl]' nfcd u

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dealing with another, more important medical problem. Bearing in mind that blacks and Afro-Americans with sickle cell disease were

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displaced from anastomosis, a, esophagus; b, anastomosis; c, cardia ; and fixed by a catgut pursestring. The portion of the

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Spanish, social science as well as biology and chemistry teachers assist the students in its production. The other ma- jor activity that involves the parents are the parent focus

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Fluid extract of spigelia, one to three fluid drachms, often proves Symptoms of Pin-Worms — These chiefly affect the lower colon and

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Le 10 mai 1901 le Dr. Forde recevait dans son service, à l'hôpital de steamer du gouvernement dans la rivière de Gambie. Cet homme qui

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Aug' 3. At Bradford, in Yorkfhire, Edmund Simpfon, M. D. (Edin, 13. At Naples, Alexander Monro Drummond, M. D. (Edin. ijji).

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S , who received a shot perforation of the bladder, at Chippewa, July 5, 1814. A piece of bone passed by the urethra. After protracted suffering,

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in extonaive, of wmntc oilier funcllonal cU'rangc incuts of ihc bmia BVer, arc not tho only cauwa of npbiisia. It lias nppcan-d daring

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224S. When an enlisted man is given a warrant or is cenmiissioned the medical officer under whose profiessional care the individual comes is charged

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meat is to be boiled for eating, put it into boiling water at the beginning, by which its iuices are preserved But if you

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leads to a curvature on account of the weakness, change of position and In typical cases the discs are compressed, especially the posterior

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fury with which it swept away its victims. At its first appearance, the Hindoos and Sikhs conveyed the bodies of the deceased through the gate called Tunksallee-Derwazeh,

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mounds; 3, Temple or Religious mounds; and 4, Burial mounds. Of these the last named are by far the most numerous ; and the first named

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tion, but espoused the American cause from principle. He was wealthy, and was celebrated for benevolence and public spirit. Next to him in

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retain the influence they now been very ably exposed in the hold, the education of the rising Constitutionnel, and other daily

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because it not only allows of removal of the growth, an operation which can only be regarded as palliative, but of the whole lymphatic

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looked forward to the development of a Medical School At that time aspirants to a medical degree had to come the physicians already named, and as the years passed

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