ful ; but a saturnine poultice will relieve the inconve- will be only required. If the ulcer is seated near a bone, the appearance of fungous flesh will lead to a suspi-

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Easton Med. Soc, 1890; mem. and pres. Civic Council, 1890-03; mayor of Easton, 1893-96, and 1899-1902; maj. 13th Regt. Pa. Nat.

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„ Robertson, George Watson, Cape Town, South Africa. 1896 Robertson, James, M.B. Lond., 130, Christchurch-road, Tulse-

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tucky. In 1844, ne came to Chicago and became Lecturer in Anatomy at Rush Medical College. During the Mexican War he served as Assistant

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""°°' .... The violin & its story; or, The history & construction of the vioHn. Translated and adapted from the German of Hyacinth

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there is the statement of one of his sons that most of the family docu- ments were destroyed during that conflagration, among them "the di-

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gave up the problem as a "knotty subject." Thus Harvey, in his speculations, sided xA-ith the philosophers (Aristotle) rather than the physicians (Cialen),

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There were ten deaths from diphtheria in Toronto in October. There were two from typhoid fever and none from scarlet fever.

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charge. Cancer has certainly been traced in females of the same family ; and those who have escaped, suf- fer from irregular anomalous pains, and different, often

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L'affection est surtout fréquente sur la côte occidentale d'Afrique qui pourrait bien être son berceau, on la rencontre en outre chez les Cafres,

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Hosjiital, Philadelidiia. Anodyne dressings were applied to the wound, and spicul.-c of bone removed from time to time. On

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death and whilst the ]>eople were deluiting what should be done with the bij iif orrninK'At nm kef rtctoraixt op dem lôdem September 1902,

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adnntted into the Chimborazo Hospital, No. 3, Kichmond, on February 22d, 1863. Vertigo and general debility resulted from

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for the purpose of inspection. I therefore found it necessary to divide the area occupied by the Division into ten or twelve

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adnntted into the Chimborazo Hospital, No. 3, Kichmond, on February 22d, 1863. Vertigo and general debility resulted from

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The most common lesion of the joint is a sprain which consists of a rupture to a greater or lesser extent, of these ligaments. In all sprains

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one of a group of substances closely allied to proianiins but differing from them in the solubility of their sul- fates. They occur as intermediate products during the

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dred and fifty pscients, an hundred of whom are incurables. Patients Mho have not been infane more than a twelvemonth are admiitedj and allowed to continue

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The patient remained in that condition all through the course of the My chief object is to call attention to the printed editions of the Rosa

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sent recently with a diagnosis of extensive polyp forma- tion of the nares (the pathologist having reported pure tion showed squamous-celled carcinoma. At operation

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ular, the temperature rose in six hours, and in twenty hours the subject lay with sunken eye, retracted abdomen, a temperature of

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organs were mangled, the spermatic cord was torn and hung over the anus, cles, but otherwise completely recovered. Brugh ° reports an instance of

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said all chambers of the heart were dilated, the heart action under the fluoro- electrocardiogram he noted marked diminution in the P and T waves. After