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to the hospital at Little Rock, where the ball was removed, and he was returned to duty on Oitober 23d, 1863. He is not a

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Les transportés et relégués au nombre de 7 à 8000, ont une mortalité encore beaucoup plus élevée, elle est deux fois plus forte que dans les

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this responsible position less than a year and a half, and in consequence of failing health, he solicited his recall. He resided

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middle ear, it is possible to have a primary bulb thrombosis, with the sigmoid and transverse sinuses normal in appearance ; and the condition

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Tbe patient died on October loth, 18G2. At the autopsy, the evidences of extensive inflanimation of the right pleural cavity and of peritoneal inflammation in the vicinity

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bridle, quickly brings down an erection and relieves pain. All lascivious ideas should be dismissed from the mind. The bow-

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pracstafithj et exellentU, medicvrum venetorum collegia comprohata, iibri duo, leur joug tyranniiiuc. L'empire des premiers sur les seconds remontait à l'époqne

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trate down to the tunica vaginalis. Afterwards apply poultices till the eschar sloughs : then the water is eva- Take of Russian potash and quick lime, of each equal

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Mais il est bien évident que toutes ces constatations morphologiques ne sauraient suffire pour déterminer une conviction ferme au sujet des rapports

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proportionality between the trouble with walking and the organic status. A large part of the trouble appeared to be hysterical. In fact, upon treatment, the man was soon able

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Notwendigkeit einer richtigen militär-medicinischen Organisation war haupt- sächlich dann anerkannt, als Peter der Grosse den ordenüichen Kriegs-

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normal sounds could be heard at the apex and the base. A valvular lesion could be excluded. The lungs were perfectly normal. The patient was requested to stop his gymnastics,

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days, whose "sacred toiach" will cure the prevalent scrofula. In olden times persons believed that if the scrofulous patient could get into the

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the latter and the fire, so that the patient is never ex- posed to a current of air. No pictures, or other objects, should be on the vails, to fix their attention, or sug-

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also according to the second letter, then the third, etc. , until after hundreds of years complete be called a dictionarium, that is a repertory of dictiones or sayings, was that of Sir Thomas Elyot

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should also be advised to take clarified butter with his food. A decoction of Tri-phald or of the drugs of the Phalddl (Madana-phaladi— Sutra, Ch. XXXIX) or the

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periments of science, tell us that the organism of to-day is the resultant of forces acting in the past, and the diversity of opera-

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12. Mylabris in fine powder (see Mat. Med.) 1 dr., pre- pared lard -i oz. Digest together over a water-bath for 3 hours, occasionally stirring, while hot, filter through

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strength and color returned rapidly, and she was apparently well. The patient's family history is negative. She had had one

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patients were returned to modified duty, three hundred and thirty-seven were discharged, and, for the most part, pensioned and supplied with artificial limbs, twenty-seven were

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physiologist of his time. Haller came out of the old bourgeois aristocracy of Bern, Switzerland, and was an infant prodigy,

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