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Remy, Charies N., Dept of Biochemistry. Bowman Gray Sch Renaod, Serge, Inserm Unite 63. 22 Ave du Doyen Lepine. Rcncricca, Nichohtt J., Dept of Biol Sci, Univ of Lowdl, I
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vital organs, are generally dangerous. Michaelis men- tions bruises on the pit of the stomach, in the English pugilistic combats, as frequent causes of death; and in-
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parietal, in tlie fetus tlie tabular part of the occipital See i'L-mbrane-boiu illlus. Diet.). B.s, Irregular, those of such irregular shape that they cannot be classed
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there is the statement of one of his sons that most of the family docu- ments were destroyed during that conflagration, among them "the di-
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report to the Pension Office by Ex.aniioing Surgeon ,J. H. Waterman, states that the patient hiid a fracture of the outer table of
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Page 126, Note 3, eighth line, for microcosms, read micrococcui. Page 131, Note 2, first line, for 1857, read " 1867." Page 132, Cases 408-481, fifteenth line, for 2d U. S., read "3d" U. S.
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adnntted into the Chimborazo Hospital, No. 3, Kichmond, on February 22d, 1863. Vertigo and general debility resulted from
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Bhakshj a (masticable) or the solid food that has to be bitten with the teeth before eating, (2) Bhojya (edible) or with the teeth, (3) Lehya (lambative) or the semi-liquid
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stances it is more subject to colds and its constitution breaks up more rapidly under disease. Its lambs are more liable to die from
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A better medicine can hardly be found in the Materia Medka for healing fresh wounds in every part of the body, !)artieularly those on the tendons or joint.s. It is frecjueutr
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The patient remained in that condition all through the course of the My chief object is to call attention to the printed editions of the Rosa
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surface a large deep fenestra is provided. Within the instrument is a second tube with a sharp cutting inner end made of steel, which
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apparel in an undertaker s establishment. The boys appropriated the clothing and, next noon-time - - under the professional eye of
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Jordan, Alfred Charles, M.D. Camb., 11, Bentinck-street. w. Jordan, John Furneaux, M.B. Roy. tjniv. Ireland, 9, Newhall-
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held until his death, 1882. A daughter of Dr. Wright is the wife of I. H. Cameron, Professor of Clinical Surgery in the University of Toronto, .son of the late Sir Matthew Crooks
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spinous process of the right ilium. There was great prostration, with nausea and vomiting, which were treated at the field
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hysterical one. Duvernay, Sicard, and Babinski himself have noted the persistence of reflex contractures during sleep, to say nothing of their persistence under an advanced
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A special report was given by Dr. E. W. Philips of Dixon, Illinois, on At this time the death rate from tuberculosis in Chicago was re-
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1 1 ; N I VI \. Inertia — i. BCU Ignavitas partium s-eu tola'griue, Stroph'ulua aylvea'tria Ben volat'- !i Svi vi > i els, I. sylvaticus — i. Vitalis,
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were evidently advanced ones and unsuitable for sanatorium treat- ment. As a rule, it was given per rectum in doses of 5 cc. Some
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12 December, 1977. (Alfred Gilman. PhD Yale. Co-author. Goodman & Oilman "Physicians Handbook on Pharmacology: Still used in medical schools today")
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at io6°-lo7° C. and boils at 360° C. Syn., Anchoic acid; Lepargylic acid ; Azelic acid ; Azeloinic acid. (Illus. Diet. ). A., Benic. See A., Behenic, Table of
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are 'opportunity costs' to such export production. Moreover, these expenses also extend to the spending oi~ scarce money on the infrastructural facilities needed to