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junction of the cartilage with the bone, and emerged eight and one-half inches posterior to the wounil of entrance, and three
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have appeared in the journals or in surgical treatises: Surgeon J. Bryan, U. S. V., has related 2 the case of Private J. B. Edgar,
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to be the result of a special osteo-periostitis. It is quite certain that the disease is due to something more than a mere want of mineral
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are entirely deprived of soft parts and dried up they resect those bones which are going to be exfoliated. vinous applications as described above in the case of
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1 1901), bein<2; a clinical study of the effects of small calibre bullets, the Bradshaw lecture on gunshot wounds of arteries (1914) and a
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Idem. A short review of another year's work at a Jaw Injuries Oliver, M. W. B. Gunshot wound of face; loss of left eye. — Proc.
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is a work which should be in the possession of every bracing the whole subject of syphilology , resolving entertained opinion, and in our estiinaticm the best,
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and to this information his strong, closely-observing mind had added knowledge from every available opportunity or experiment that pre-
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local destruction of the disease in the mouth with the surreal removal of the diseased nodes in the neck. 3. Advcmtages of Electrothermic Coagulation. — 1. The
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bdiniy pores; they are sonictjmus connne<l to, and loadpuu, •ootetimcs nnked, coiicrutc, and crystallized; of which 1 iiiflvrcnt
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1889 Watkins, Harold Ernest, Stone Legh, Newtou-le- Willows. 1888 Watkins, Walter, 18, London-road, Southend-on-Sea. 1891 Watkins-Pitchford, Wilfred, M.B. Lond., St. Judes Vicarage,
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Initial Assessment of Human Gene Diversity and Expression Patterns Based UPON 83 Million Nucleotides ofcDNA Sequence. Mark D. Adams etal. in Na-
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the teachings of an urban professor. Who is there to say that he was not a Again in 1893 Dr. O- B. Will presented another paper before the State
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chip. 31. of the natm'c of the Soul of Man : what the Cclcflial An-' gels fay of it naturally to our app'rchenfiony &c. p. 207
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avec lesquels Petit prétend avoir guéri des rachi tiques, et le curieux travail de mon compatriote, Pierre Pamard, l'inventeur de la pique: DUtertation sur
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To anesthetize the horse, give a purge and fatit for 12 hours beforehand. Cast and secure, cover upper nostril with gauze, checM-
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as our author. They make no mention of arsenic. Alsaharavius gives very particular directions for treating these ulcers ; when
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1889 Watkins, Harold Ernest, Stone Legh, Newtou-le- Willows. 1888 Watkins, Walter, 18, London-road, Southend-on-Sea. 1891 Watkins-Pitchford, Wilfred, M.B. Lond., St. Judes Vicarage,
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especie acima nomeada vivendo no interior de fructos de roseira no OS primeiros momentos em que teve opportunidade de examinar material
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of rabbit's knee-joints with gonococci by Lacquers, who found the fluid from of gonorrhoeal polyarthritis, one of which was of 15 years' duration and had
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In cold phlegmatic habits it is particularly useful, by its corroborant, expectorant, and diuretic effects. In the asthmas of such constitutions it is more eminenfly
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terstate M. J., St. Louis, 1908, xv, 597; 667 (A. C. Eycleshymer). Billings (John Shaw): Memoir by F. H. (Jarrison, New York, 1915. — Bull.
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another and so constructed that no drainage can take place from pen to pen. Then in winter in the absence of flies, and with
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