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thelium rendered cloudy or opaque by the presence of oil globules or dark igranules. E., Ectodermic, that cells forming the rudiment of the cellular lining of the

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Praze. Vazby kniSSnt od stoletl xvni . do nejkovgjsi doby. Vybgr z vystavy vazeb kni2- nich v Umglecko-prumyslovem museu od 13. dubna do 10 kvgtna 1903 usporfadane. Z

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sown in marshy ground it will dry it up in a very short time. The English were the first to try it at the Cape, and within two or three

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The symptoms differ in character in the different outbreaks of the disease. Usually the first symptoms noticed are sneez-

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spinal cord, hence pass through, and form a part of, the cerebro-spinal nerve as it lies in the intervertebral foramen. A lesion of the second

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disease, for they are found, as we shall see, in other renal affec- tiotu; nor can we ponilively determine the form or rtago of the

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T. valVulae, the posterior part of the inferior vermiform process Tubercle, tu'-ber-kl. 1. A small eminence. 2. A small nodule of

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cold, he will die. When the hairs become prominent upon the body, the eyes red, the breast very painful, and the breathing by the mouth,

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forward only the works of God for our consideration. E\ery man is bound to as this are Aristotle, Albertus, and Avicenna, with their accomplices, who are

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President, Rt. Hon. J. Sinclair, M.P., Secretary for Scotland ; J. M. Dodds, Esq., C.B., Under Secretary for Scotland ; Alex. Ure, K.C.,

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tion of the Puta-paka measure ; while suppuration and (Harsha) in the affected organ, as well as a further aggravation of the Dosha (involved) are the characteris-

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work. Lord Kelvin. Pierre Eugene Marcellin Berthelot. — ii. Chemical essays: How discoveries are made. The Becquerel rays. What is an element On the periodic ar-

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1897 Roberts, Llewellyn AVilliam, Cowra., New South Wales. 19' 16 Roberts. Philip Mereditli. 25, Fopstone-road. s.av. 1884 Roberts, Owen William, 79, Cambridge- garden s, Notting-hill. w.

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moved to Chicago, where he became successful as a general practitioner. He was associated with Dr. Daniel Brainard and Dr. DeLaskie Miller in the

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délie Società Medico-chirurgica di Bologna''. Le mémoire du Dr. Mazzotti donne un index bibliographique des travaux d'anàtomie pathologique et d'his-

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one exposure shared by those infected by an ailment and not by those unaffected by it. "At the picnic did you eat the potato salad or the macaroni salad" In the early stages of

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the long leg of which rests on the os orbiculare, which is fixed to the fore part of the stapes, the sole of which The use of the external ear is to collect sounds, and

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tella is a sac containing mucus, resembling the synovia. Its strength, as of all joints of the same kind, is on the side. The capsular ligament is large, and admits of

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death and whilst the ]>eople were deluiting what should be done with the bij iif orrninK'At nm kef rtctoraixt op dem lôdem September 1902,

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wbo. when it was pointed out that out foreign members cer- tainly condemned this infamous war as much as we Germans, protesfiext that she could not belong to an association in which

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and that the injury was much more severe than would be- suspected from an examination of the bone. The patient was discharged from service November 9, 1833, and pensioned. He was paid June 4, 1875.

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syphilis to his wife by causing conception, as when a young girl, pure and healthy, is married to a man whose venereal disease has not been thor-