Workhorses of Battlefield Evacuation. Much of the work for transporting casual- ties fell to the jeep, fitted with brackets for carrying litters. When these sturdy vehicles bogged

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fectious or contagious diseases are promptlj disinjfected. To this end he sbaB see that the dla tote cttog iiiaBt Is matotatoed to proper worktog order.

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manner of a disease propagated by contagion alone, apart from Alleged Causes. E. F. Thayer (1880) tells us that the inhabi-

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except that retftiary for respiraiion and circulation: the h' morrhage waa ntopped with Unt, after removing the fi>ra«-

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pina, Lycanthropia — i. Puerperarum, Mania, puer- Puerperal, Mania, puerperal — i. Religious, Sebas- tomania — i. Senile, Delirium senile — i. Suicidal,

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communiquée ])ar la pédérastie, ce qui, malgré les moeurs assez libres de l'époque, serait une curieuse façon de faire sa cour. Du reste même dans ee

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Do you find that you have a support system out in your commu- Yes. Personally, my support system is quite good. I have a lover

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und den mittelalterlichen bez. den Gersdorff'schen Fass- Pincetten der zu sein, dass erstere der Schrauben entbehren, und die Bewegung der Zan-

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In stone we have the same symptoms, but the sudden stoppage of the stream during micturition is always suggestive of its presence in the

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he went to the Medical College at Fairh(dd, and graduated there, and obtained license at Montreal Medical Board, 1843. Dr. Case remembers the events in connection with the war of

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charge of all ceremonial feasts and dances such as the nubile dance, which occurs when any maiden attains marriageable age, and war

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coming to terms with the modifications it imposes" (190). Michel Foucault sees humans as having needs and desires which they seek to satisfy economically. He

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turbance. Its synonym, frambesia, is from the French, framboke, a rasp- berry. Yaws is derived fnjm a Carib word, the meaning of which is doubt-

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known text -books on therapeutics (1890), diagnosis (1896), and practice (1907), of monographs on mediastinal disease (1888),

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the dangerous nature of this compound than to encourage its use. No terms are sufficiently strong to express tlie culpal)ility of those who would place in the hands of

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and the temperature rises high. I have knovai of one instance in which it went to 10G.7 degrees Fahrenheit. The patient is restless, the tongue

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