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Wagner (1862), Eduard Rindfleisch (1867-69), Victor Cornil and L. Ranvier (1869-76), T. H. Green (1871), F. V. Birch-Hirschfeld (1876), Cohnheim (1877-

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aptipov, 'a joint,' and itis, denoting inflammation. — 0. Gastro-splenic, Epiploon, gastro-splenic — o. toph' agists — which eat every kind of food, animal

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regimen of diet and conduct during the different seasons of the year (Ch. 24 -U. T. 64) which, strictly followed, should

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pulv. hydrarg. c. creta, gr. i at night, and for three weeks cod-Uver oil. Charles Wray's Acetezone treatment of iritis, which he combines

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The first five double pages are occupied by the "astrology" which and ends with the usual word "explicit," without dedication or other

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Yeast. Any one el tl. I . fungi of the genus Saccharomyces. Yellow -Fe'ver. .>\"-o. An epidemic disease with high fever, jaun-

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practice with Dr. L. D. Boone and had also become known as the strongest Chicago's first militia organization, the City Guards, formed in 1840, had

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November 18th, 1862. Returned to duty December 2(1, 1862. Virginia, November 12tb, 1864. Admitted to West's Buildings Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, November 16th. Transferred

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represent the United States at the annual meeting of the International Union .Against Venereal Disease. In Britain Dr. Wright will study with Dr. Leslie Banks. Professor of

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trachoma, didn t go blind, and got over it on their own. I don t think they ever found out what there was in anybody s body that

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Gillet, H. et Boye, G. Les insuffisants cardiaques. Paris med., 1916, v. 21, Gilyarovski, V. A. (The war and the care of the insane in time of peace.)

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If anything may be done in the meantime, it is, — first, in either of the two former cases, to lance the gums ; second, to

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bones, which, from their shape, are called the hammer, the anvil and the stapes. These delicate bones are connectctl together, one by ball and

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<£&>, 07rou, 07T&)- baa, oloiv, oVa), 1 ottote' to 1 oh- i>s. But Galen read Uus twice (XVIII(2). 6G9).

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aot coaflcicd to bed, be abould b« accommodated witb a botpi- the in«[>c<.torfi matt be prepared to encouatcr a gfcac den\ of

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len.] — t. VoTEcachichle der E3ekCiochemie. — 3. Galvuii uod Volta. — 4. id Davy. — 5. Vod Fmday und Daniel] bis HitCorf und Kohlrausch. — 6. Die

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Also, for sale separate, Pabt II, being pp. 309 to end, with Index, Title matter, proht, he lends his pupils, in spite of tbe ancient

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himself to changing conditions. He hesitated when called upon he had adopted one he was full of doubts as to whether he had

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because a vein is only beneficial in two cases, i.e. when red blood alone has the dominance, or else all the other humours

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should be opened and rubbed with powdered Pippali and Saindhava mixed with honey. It should then be scraped with a MandalAgra instrument. The surrounding parts

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the recti muscles. The portion of intes- pears in the form of pustules, which origi- tine, &c. &c. is always contained in a sac nally are separate and distinct, but which

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Also, for sale separate, Pabt II, being pp. 309 to end, with Index, Title matter, proht, he lends his pupils, in spite of tbe ancient

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description, in which he successfully performed lithotomy, and had the kindness to present a section of the calculus 1 to the Army Medical Museum. Dr. Chisolm has detailed the

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clinical investigator, deserves the credit for notifying CDC about the outbreak. He and his colleagues in Los Angeles were going

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what the effeft thereof may be , and accordingly pro- pounds the queftion aforefaid 5 you arc to give the firft and his Figure, Ruler and Idea, to fignifie him ; and the

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