each lung that they are exposed to the same pressure, practically, as that surface, and the full weight of the atmosphere may act on them. These
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(Ther. ad Pison.;,Meth. Med., De Antid.) ; Aetius (xiii); Phny (Hist. Nat. pluries) ; Oribasius (de Morb. Curat, iii) ; Solinus
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ciety, under whose supervision the medical directories of those days were published, and was a member of the Society of Physicians and Surgeons. He
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Bates, Stephen Henry, M.D. Lond., 11, Archwag-road. N. Bathe, Anthony John, 8, Hanover-buildings, Southampton. Bathurst, Lullum Wood, M.D. Lond., 15, Inverness-terrace, w.
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blue. A colorless form of melhyleiie-blue Un internal amidophenylsalicylate. See Salopli n {\\\ms. Diet.). tannin, a grayish-yellow, slightly hygroscopic, odor-
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his dexterous toes. There was a creature exhibited some time since in the principal cities of France, who was called the " I'honune tronc." He was totally deprived of all his
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by boils and sores in the chest, and by old age. Is also supposed to be produced by diminishing the mental and bodily strength, by blunting
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ysm of the abdominal aorta. A. Aor'ta, the aorta below the dia- phragm. A. Band'age, A. Bind'er, a support for the abdominal
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Dioscorides: E. L. Greene: Landmarks of Botanical History, Wash., 1909, i, 151-155.— Paris med., 1919, xxviii, suppl., 336; 374 (L. Mould).
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third day of the illness, there appears — commencing on the face ■ — an eruption of raised spots, more or less numerous, which pass
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the level was not only higher than the AEC level but also above the 0.9 R per week being urged by the British and Canadians, partners in U.S. testing. 153 (The
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important discovery made by Mr. Aabon Ha.nniw, for the expulsion of worms, and in consequence of which we have been solicited to give more particulars through the medium
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unit head--say the chief of Surgerywould arrange to interview one or more candidates for the position of surgeon while he was on
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who preceded the formation of the Alexandrian Library ; secondly, on the consent of the ancient critics ; thirdly, on the application of certain points in the history of medicine,
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10. The sick room should be kept well ventilated, with such precautions as not to expose the patient to direct currents of air, and should be occasionally fumigated, slightly, by throw-
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of anatomy at Bologna, Pisa, and Messina, and physician to Pope Innocent XII (1691-94). Famed in biology for his works on the
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In la much smaller number of eases other hysterical affections of respiration, such as tachypnoea, hiccup, and spasms of the
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wliitening of the hair from intense grief or fear, or the production of convulsions in a suckling infant whose mother has been exposed
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Marx and Hieronj-mus. Both Herophilus and Erasistratus made important investigations of the nervous system, showing the rela-
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The practical questions which arose were: (1) What cases require ampu- tation (2) What cases require resection (3) What cases should be treated
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Mostly, they would come from Cairothe University of Alexandria and the American University of Cairo. Some of them were Egyptians; some Palestinians came down; doctors from Beirut came
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possible to slip a filiform through a stricture and in place with adhesive strapping, of to use a reten- tion balloon of the Foley type, until the necessity
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penicillin or any other of the molds have made surgical interference dispensable. Cases are cited in which a delayed drainage was responsible for destruction of the joint even
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I found to pervade the entire work ; but the author Iportant laws and interesting discoveries of physio- logy that relate to, or can elucidate, the subjects
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tenderness of the part upon pressure. There is, however, no heat or swelling, or throbbing of the blood-vessels in pure neuralgia. Complicated
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ing of pH]estradiol to receptors in uterine cytosol or to AFP from amniotic fluid. A series of assay tubes (in duplicate) were prepared containing either 0.3 ml cytosol
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